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Waffle Maker - Dessert Cook CROWN

4.6 ( 4256 ratings )
Jeux Simulation
Développeur Girls Apps
19.99 USD


Nothing compares to a picnic in the park on a sunny summer day. And, of course, the best part of the picnic is a dessert. Today we finish our banquet with fresh American waffles to celebrate American National Waffle Day! Our new application for all lovers of cooking games - Waffle Maker - Dessert Cook - will help us to make it. Get pleasure from your tasty hobby, cooking these delicious sweets!

How to Play: Follow the step by step tips to bake and decorate the dessert. Knead the dough, put it in a waffle iron and bake. Hot waffles can be decorated with a variety of toppings.

Waffle Maker - Dessert Cook - features:
- Detailed step by step cooking process
- Jam, cream and berries to decorate waffles
- Nice app for all fans of cooking
- Possibility to take a picture of the ready-to-eat dessert
- timed to American National Waffle Day!